Congress Themes


The themes of the Congress include:


Hydro-environment and eco-hydraulics

  • A1 Fluid mechanics
  • A2 Eco- and environmental hydraulics
  • A3 Water quality
  • A4 Restoration and environmental management of waters
  • A5 Sustainable river engineering and water management
  • A6 Experimental techniques
  • A7 Advanced models in turbulence, heat and mass transfer

Water as a renewable energy

  • B1 Hydro-power schemes
  • B2 Marine energy
  • B3 Pumped-storage power plants and reservoirs
  • B4 Alternative energy storage concepts
  • B5 Innovative concepts using water as a renewable energy

Coastal aspects in the era of global change

  • C1 Coastal hydrodynamics and morphodynamics
  • C2 Coastal physical and numerical modelling
  • C3 Coastal risks
  • C4 Coastal environments
  • C5 Coastal structures

Innovation and sustainability in hydraulic engineering and water resources

  • D1 Surface and groundwater hydraulics and hydrology
  • D2 Sediment transport and fluvial processes
  • D3 Scour and erosion
  • D4 Reservoir sedimentation and mitigation measures
  • D5 Sustainable solutions in drainage systems
  • D6 Water pressures systems and pressure transients
  • D7 Hydraulic structures
  • D8 Advances in Computational hydraulics and morphodynamics

Hydrometeorological extremes, uncertainties and global change

  • E1 Precipitation extremes and hydrological impacts
  • E2 Climate change and eco-hydrology
  • E3 Risk management of floods and droughts
  • E4 Urban fooding, flood mitigation and control
  • E5 Uncertainty and risk assessment methods
  • E6 Climate change impacts on hydraulic schemes and water resources management