Thematic Workshops

Besides the regular sessions and keynote lectures, specialized thematic workshops will be organized. One workshop includes typically one or two sessions of five papers.


S1 - Innovative solutions for adaptation of European hydropower infrastructures in view of climate and market changes

Conveners: Dr Pedro Manso (EPFL) and Prof. Miroslav Marence (UNESCO-IHE Delft)


S2 - Ecosystem services and nature-based solutions in Integrated Water Resources Management

Convener: Dr Jochen Hack (TU Darmstadt)


S3 - Buoyancy-driven flows

Conveners: Dr Mario Franca (EPFL) and Prof. Claudia Adduce (University of Roma Tre)


S4 - Hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin

Conveners: Prof. Benjamin Dewals (University of Liege) and Dr Bernhard Becker (Deltares)


S5 - Advances in acoustic measurement techniques

Convener: Dr Hamidreza Jamshidnia (National Energy Authority, Iceland)


S6 - Advanced models in turbulence heat and mass transfer

Convener: Dr Sofiane Benhamadouche (EDF R&D)


S7 - Management of hydraulic systems by means of fuzzy logic

Convener: Prof. Vlassios Hrissanthou (Democritus University of Thrace)


S8 - Pumped hydroelectric energy storage (PHES)

Conveners: Dr Sébastien Erpicum (University of Liege) and Prof. Patrick Hendrick (Université Libre de Bruxelles)


S9 - Air-water flows: recent advances in physical and numerical modeling

Convener: Prof. Daniel Bung (Aachen University of Applied Sciences)